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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book To Help With Selling Your Jewelry

'Marking Money With Your Creative Paint Finishes' by Lynette Harris, North Light Books  ISBN 0-89134-824-7         
Are you possibly thinking 'When did Linda start to do paint finishes?"  Sorry for the confusion, no I'm not painting walls, but this book has a wealth of information that can be applied to a jewelry business.  While I'm reading it I simply change out paint for jewelry in my mind.  If you are in business or are wanting to start a business, whether with jewelry or some other creative endeavor, then this book will be very helpful.

I am most impressed with her ideas for how to market and sell your handy work.  She makes it easy.  For instance she has a section to help you identify your market.  Since this book is focused on paint finishes she mentions that a market could be interior designers.  Since I make jewelry the interior designers don't fit my market, however hair saloons might want to display jewelry on consignment.  I've made an initial list that I can add to as market areas and ideas come to mind.  Hair saloons, gift shops, art galleries, craft fairs, bazaars, consignment shops and of course Etsy.  These may seem like small markets, but when I list all the saloons, all the gift shops and all the art galleries, etc.  Then my list will be endless.  Some of these markets may handle the less expensive items and others will handle my more detailed and intricate expensive work.

There is an entire chapter devoted to marketing tactics which I found very helpful.  There's lots of marketing books out there, but this one is just for the arts and crafts community and written from first hand experience. This book is full of ideas to get your product out of the studio, off of the kitchen table and into the hands of your happy customers.

Finding this wonderful book might be a challenge.  My copy has been on my book shelf for years and I finally took the time to read it.  I found my copy at a used book store.  However, I found several copies on Amazon.  Plus, you might be able to check it out from your local library.

As I approach new markets to sell my jewelry I will make sure to keep you updated.  Perhaps we can learn these experiences together.  Next week I am scheduled to present my jewelry to a gallery for their jury process.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  This step in my progress makes me nervous and frightened.  But, I know I must knock on that door or it will never open. This is a very exciting time.

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