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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Linda's Snowman Factory

Would you like a pair for FREE? I'm going to give away 10 pair of snowman earrings to the first 10 people that guess how many their are in this picture. You don't even need to guess correctly.  Just comment with a guesstimate, either on Facebook or my blog.  And, yes you can play even if you have already won something from my blog before.  It's Christmas after all.  Each snowman is attached to surgical steel ear wires and can also be found in my on line store.  Great for a gift, plus can be worn all winter long.

Today I really wanted to make a unique piece of jewelry.  You know, the spiral, coil, wrap, hammer type.  I simply could not get into it.  No bead or wire inspired me.  No book, blog or magazine could help to break my mood.  Yet, I wanted those pliers in my hands.  So I decided to use up all of my red crystal roundels and make a few snowman earrings.

These guys all jumped into this crystal candy dish.  So much fun.  This dish brings back a very happy time in my life.  My boss at the time gave all the women in the office a blue box - yes that blue box, with this lovely inside.
These guys are in need of a home...what is your guesstimate?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mountain Made Gallery Juriors Accepted My Jewelry - Yippee!

From my previous post you may remember that I submitted 7 pieces to Mountain Made Gallery for their jury process.  This past Tuesday I received a letter in the mail from Mountain Made. I was afraid to open it.  But, that fear quickly disappeared.  I have been accepted! YIPPEE! My feet wouldn't touch the ground. I'm still amazed. There is a contract to sign to have my work placed in their retail gallery and on their web-site, along with other documents to let them know that I'm interested in there other functions. They do fundraising events, demonstrations, workshops, wine and food tasting events, and art receptions. It's going to be so much fun!

I want to thank Jeanette Blix Ryan for being the worlds best teacher!  Without her guidance I would still be spending my spare time looking for my bliss.  She taught me so many remarkable wire and metal techniques and helped me to build my skills confidence.  I really can write volumns about her and her fantastic wire and metal jewelry talents and of course her excellent ability to teach and communicate. Besides being a fantastic artist, she is Fundametals a wonderful web-based resource for tools and supplies, and on top of all of that she is co-creator of  ArtBliss Workshops.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Hoo Larisa Briggs

Did I give away the winner in the title of this post?  You betcha'!  Larisa Briggs your name has been selected from my little ballerina jewelry box.  Please write to me with your address so I can get these adorable twin snowman into the mail for you.

For those of you who are followers of my blog.....yes, there will be more chances to win at 'Play It Forward'.  I will be posting another piece of jewelry with a Christmas theme in the next few days.  Keep reading to see what I'll list.

For those of you who want to play, if you are reading this from Facebook all you need to do is go to my blog and become a follower.  If you are at my blog just go to the right side and stroll down until you see 'follower' and add you name.  I promise you there is no spam.  I just like playing Play It forward.

If you want to know more about Play It Forward you can read more by clicking on the PIF tab on my blog.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Took Jewelry To Mountain Made Gallery Today

Whew!  Boy am I glad this is done!  I took 7 pieces of jewelry to Mountain Made Gallery today.  It will take part in their jury process starting on Monday.  Getting everything ready was making me crazy.  After all, other artists will be examining each and every piece, every link, every jump ring.....breathe....

Today I took the 6 pieces (Pictures) I had selected (yes it says 7 earlier) and pinned them on velvet display panels, plus a business card and an anti-tarnish strip to each panel.  Stacked them in a box.  Put all the associated pictures, descriptions and the jury application form in a folder.  Then I drove them up the mountain to Mountain Made.  Heidi, the shop keeper is wonderful and accepted them from me.  She commented on the bracelet I was wearing.  I mentioned that it was made from bronze wire.  Before I knew it, she was suggesting that I submit the bracelet.  So, off it came and into the box with the other pieces.  How wonderful.  I hope the judges feel the same way.

 When I left their studio and walked to my vehicle I heard a roster somewhere in the woods outback.  I am still adjusting to being here in the mountains, so when a roster speaks I smile and inside there's a giggle.  How refreshing.  When I looked around I noticed that there was snow on the hills.  Mountain Made is in Thomas, WV.  Even tho it's only 20 minutes from my home, it's an up hill/mountain drive, so the elevation is quite a bit higher.  They get lots of snow.  They are also, just minutes from Timberline and Canaan Valley Ski Resorts.

I'll be getting a phone call sometime late next week to let me know what they think and if they except my jewelry into the gallery.....breathe....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FREE To Good Home - It's Time For PIF

Snowman Earrings - Pearls, Crystals, Silver
It's time for 'Play It Forward'.  A time when jewelry is given away to you.  All you need to do is be a follower of my blog.  I put the names of all the followers into my little ballerina jewelry box and in the next few days I select a winner.  Then it's mailed. Don't you just love games, especially when you win something for free?  If you want to read more about 'Play It Forward' you can find a tab on the top of my blog labeled 'PIF'.

I love these little guys.  They are perfect for this time of the year and can be worn all winter long.  And they don't melt.....well, maybe they'll melt your heart.

Free To Good Home

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Pieces For Jury Process

I have been working on these pieces to present for a jury process.  A group of very talented artists will be examining my jewelry and deciding if it is worthy of being shown and sold in their gallery.  I have photographed them several times and have never been satisfied.  I really think I've been over thinking this whole event and making myself more nervous than needed.  So now I'm stepping out and letting you all see these pieces only a day or two before the submission.

Below each picture are the techniques that I used, along with the type of wire.  I am sooooo glad this presentation is completed. 

Bracelet - Bronze Wire, Twisted Jump Rings, Bead Caps, Bead Knots, Swan Clasp, Bead Wraps, Spiral, plus Crystals and Lampwork Santa

Pendant - Silver Wire, Herringbone Weave, Double Wire Wrap Bead Cap, Spirals, Bail and Agate Stones

Necklace - Copper Wire, Caged Beads, Spirals, Koochi Beads, Jump Rings and Resin Beads

Bracelet - Oxidized Copper Wire, Double Helix, Jump Rings, Clasp

Necklace - Copper Wire, Coils, Bead Caps, Spirals, Twisted Jump Rings, Clasp and Resin Beads  

Earrings - Oxidized Copper Wire, Love Knots, Ear Wires, Twisted Wire Spirals

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Blog Has New Features - I Feel So Technical

What to do on a dreary day, when the weather dude is calling for snow?  Well, revamp the blog of course.  Blogspot has added a lot more features.  All I needed to do is figure out how to use them.  Now my blog has several tabs.    Each of these tabs has pictures, pictures and more pictures.  I will be adding even more, as time permits.
  1. When you first arrive on my blog you are on the Home page where you will find my rantings and ravings for all of creation to read.
  2. Second, is My Jewelry Shop where you will find a link that will take you on a magical carpet ride to my Etsy shop.
  3. Third, is Inside The Studio, where you can see the studio in different stages creativity.
  4. Forth, is PIF, with an intro to the Pay It Forward movement and the give aways I post here on the blog.
  5. Fifth, is Eye Candy Gallery, with pictures of some of my creations.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and the changes to the blog.  I will be posting a new Play It Forward jewelry give away very soon.  Perhaps something for Christmas?  Hmmm What could it be?  What could it be?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My On Line Shop

Click here for  Shopping For Jewelry and you will be connected to my on line shop.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll get right back to you.  Window shopping is encouraged. ;^)


Please forgive me, if you are reading this.  I am learning how to setup tabs on the top of my blog.  I want to create a gallery tab, a classes tab, and maybe more.

Book To Help With Selling Your Jewelry

'Marking Money With Your Creative Paint Finishes' by Lynette Harris, North Light Books  ISBN 0-89134-824-7         
Are you possibly thinking 'When did Linda start to do paint finishes?"  Sorry for the confusion, no I'm not painting walls, but this book has a wealth of information that can be applied to a jewelry business.  While I'm reading it I simply change out paint for jewelry in my mind.  If you are in business or are wanting to start a business, whether with jewelry or some other creative endeavor, then this book will be very helpful.

I am most impressed with her ideas for how to market and sell your handy work.  She makes it easy.  For instance she has a section to help you identify your market.  Since this book is focused on paint finishes she mentions that a market could be interior designers.  Since I make jewelry the interior designers don't fit my market, however hair saloons might want to display jewelry on consignment.  I've made an initial list that I can add to as market areas and ideas come to mind.  Hair saloons, gift shops, art galleries, craft fairs, bazaars, consignment shops and of course Etsy.  These may seem like small markets, but when I list all the saloons, all the gift shops and all the art galleries, etc.  Then my list will be endless.  Some of these markets may handle the less expensive items and others will handle my more detailed and intricate expensive work.

There is an entire chapter devoted to marketing tactics which I found very helpful.  There's lots of marketing books out there, but this one is just for the arts and crafts community and written from first hand experience. This book is full of ideas to get your product out of the studio, off of the kitchen table and into the hands of your happy customers.

Finding this wonderful book might be a challenge.  My copy has been on my book shelf for years and I finally took the time to read it.  I found my copy at a used book store.  However, I found several copies on Amazon.  Plus, you might be able to check it out from your local library.

As I approach new markets to sell my jewelry I will make sure to keep you updated.  Perhaps we can learn these experiences together.  Next week I am scheduled to present my jewelry to a gallery for their jury process.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  This step in my progress makes me nervous and frightened.  But, I know I must knock on that door or it will never open. This is a very exciting time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blast From The Past

I was looking through my photos and came across one of my wire bracelets that I made eons ago.  There is so much wire and countless coils that make up this piece. The design is from talented Sharilyn Miller.  I spent many, many hours with wire and pliers completing this piece.  I thought is should have a place here on my blog.

This reminds me that my old laptop needs to have the jewelry photos transferred to my new system and it's handy dandy backup drive.  There's a lot of history that I really don't want to lose.