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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Studio Mania

Let's face it my work table NEVER looks like this!  I spent last night and early today finding the actual table.

The truth is frightening.  Here's a picture of what happens when I bury myself into a few projects at one time.  I warn you it's not a pretty site.

Ouch!  The truth hurts.

Since I have moved to the mountains my time has been focused on getting the house unpacked and in-order.  So the studio was last on my list.  I've been making jewelry, but not at my worktable.  I've been taking my tools and materials and camping out on the floor in the living room.  I was bound and determined to gain some sense of sanity to my studio.   If not for my own satisfaction, for those folks who want to see where I work and make a living. 

Here are pictures of my efforts.  Like my kitchen, it won't stay organized, but these pictures are proof that it can be done.

In answer to some of your questions about the walls....yes, there is paint in my future.  Lots and lots of paint.

Here's where wire and beads live until they are transformed.  Can you say OCD?

Here is the jewelry cabinet that's mounted on the wall.  This is an old picture.  For those of you looking into my kitchen, the ceiling light fixtures have all been replaced.  Yippee! The cabinet is now fully loaded with lots of bling.  That brown door will be transformed with paint.  It leads to the wonderland of laundry.

These shelves house all those findings, components, etching chemicals, bits and pieces, odds and ends, and student tools.  Some of those pink bins have all of my Etsy listings, along with the shipping materials.  The round table is for classes.  Right now it serves as the shipping and packaging area.  For some reason I like aprons and they are temporarily hanging on a nail that came with the house.

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  1. Count me in.
    I'm always doing the pifs and buying them.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda