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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Creative Process And The Red Necklace

I thought that it would be an idea to write about my creative process.  Today's necklace started when I woke up with it on my mind. I had an idea of twisted wire that would cage a red bead.  Up pops the logic (first mistake)  and I thought if I twist 2 lengths of 20 gauge wire together it would turn out to be too thick, so I choose to twist thinner 26 gauge wire.  This wire was difficult to coil into a cage and I found it helpful to lay the pliers down and actually use my finger.  The final coils were flimsy and made a cage that really didn't have very much personality.  So, using logic again (2nd mistake) I decided to twist 2 lengths of 24 gauge wire.  It was a challenge to get it to coil and to stay coiled, but it finally took shape into a cage.  Once the bead was inside it was okay.  I'm not really looking for okay.  I want wonderful.  My intuition sent me to the 20 gauge wire and for it not to be twisted. My old standby I thought.  Also, I didn't think this would be unique.  But I was surprised with the results.  Perhaps because I just love red and I love cages.  Is that logic or creative?  I seemed to hear my thoughts direct me to inter space the silver filigree between the caged beads.  Also, I automatically decided to center a large bead and flank it with smaller beads, and finally even smaller beads.  I love the results.

This necklace is 18" long and lays perfectly on the neckline.  The red color is wonderful (remember I love red), but it's perfect for the Christmas season.  I'm going to list this in my Etsy on line shop http://www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com/ .  Part of me wants to keep it.  I'd never sell anything if I kept it all, so on with the listing. I'm going with my first creative/intuitive thought for the price of $35.00  I battled my logic over the price.  I analysed and reanalysed.  Finally I said quit thinking and go with your intuition.

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