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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bronze Wire Beginnings

A few post back I had written about receiving my first order of bronze wire.  It was my plan to make a piece of jewelry immediately.  But, as you might imagine, other things on my to do list stepped up to the plate as a priority.  The lovely bronze wire sat on a supply shelf.  Every time I walked past it I wanted to start to work with it.  Since my move here to the mountains, there have been many priorities to get me settle into my new home and studio.  The latest has been to get my vehicle registered, tagged and inspected in the new state.  There were other necessities, but way to boring to list Zzzzzz.

Today I decided to take a break from the unnerving to do list.  I think it's growing on it's own.  So I sat down with my hand tools and that lovely bronze wire and created this bracelet.  Bronze wire is very similar to copper in the way it handles and it's hardness. I found it a breeze to work with and happy to say you will see more and more bronze pieces emerge from the studio.  I took two strands of wire and twisted them together and then formed it into jump rings.  Then linked several jump rings to form the chain clusters.  Once the bracelet was completed I decided to give it a ride in the tumbler to clean it and harden the wire.  What I didn't expect was for the beads to change color.  They were originally bright orange Howlite.  I keep forgetting that mother nature doesn't always make bright colors and that stone beads are often enhanced with dyes.  Once in the tumbler the coloring washes off.  I was a bit upset because I really liked the bright orange.  It reminded me of pumpkins.  But after I've sat with the new results I like the bracelet even better. 

Here's a picture with a few of the original beads next to the 'revised' beads and the lovely buttery bronze wire.

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