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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wallpaper Border Coming Down In Office

Yes, that is a screw driver with a flowery handle on the window sill

Today I started the task of removing the wall paper border in my office.  This is the first time I have ever done this and I hope it will be the last.  ARGHHHH !!!!! It's a great workout for the upper arms, so that's a benefit. I can say that moving into a new home and studio has helped to tone parts of my body that needed a tune-up.

My office is so very important to me and my jewelry business.  This is where communications central is located.  Here I take orders from my Etsy shop, write on my blog and Facebook, as well as all those wonderful e-mail letters you send me.

This Friday the new windows will be installed.  The roman blinds and curtains will be hung on the same day.  Next on the agenda, perhaps as soon as next month, I will begin the task of painting. 

In the meantime, a picture  is worth a 1000 words and will help me to remember the process of the home and studio transformation.

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