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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mountain Made & Purple Fiddle

I had the most fantastical day today with my lovely friend Tammy.  We drove up the mountain about 20 minutes from my home to Thomas, WV.  The first leg of our play day was my first visit to Mountain Made http://www.mountainmade.com/ This old historic building has been converted into a haven of juried arts, that include:  gorgeous hand blown glass, perfectly carved wooden toys, remarkable steel masks (must see these to believe), yummy handmade jams, stained glass and jewelry.  On and on the art was displayed.  It took my breath away.

I of course was interest in the jewelry and what the local artists were making.  There were some gorgeous pieces, especially the lamp worked beads.  The wire wrapping was beautiful. However, I was secretly pleased that there wasn't anything there that looked like the style of wire wrapping that I do.  The wonderful shopkeeper Heidi noticed and asked about the jewelry that I was wearing.  I casually mentioned that I had made it.  She quickly reached around for a form and handed it immediately to me.  I was thrilled and honored that it was an application to submit my jewelry for their jurying process to be able to have my pieces displayed for sale in their beautiful showroom.  My feet are still not touching the ground. 

I asked if we could have a tour of the studios, which are behind the showroom.  Heidi was very generous with her time and showed us around.  In the back were several working studio areas with high end specialty equipment for different art processes, from glass, to woodworking, to painting and an areas specific for jewelry.  There next to the workbench was the Cadillac of rolling mills.  My eyes lit up.  Heidi said yes, to my question that the space was available, if I needed it.  I floated out of the gallery and studios.

We then stopped at the Purple Fiddle for lunch. http://www.purplefiddle.com/  It is more than I had imagined.  A very cool place.  The quintessential hippy cafe'.  All the chairs and tables are mixed matched, along with many old church pews and a lone booth in the middle of the room. The ceiling is adorned with the original beautiful tin roof tiles. Everything wonderful adorns the walls, including quilts and art.  There are huge wonderful wooden doors that may have come from a church, leading to the patio area. There in the corner is a wonderful stage with very high end sound and lighting equipment.  Each Friday and Saturday night they pack the cafe' full of people for brews, food and very talented musicians.  These talented musicians are all up and coming and drive here from all over the U.S. in-order to entertain the packed  maybe 150 seats.

Who would have thought that these two wonderful venues are here, hidden in the Appalachian Mountains in a tiny town of about 400 people?  Who would have thought that the city gal Linda would live just 20 minutes away?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. What a gorgeous building! Now I am curious as to what kind of treasures I could find there...now I definitely need to come for a visit!

  2. I'm telling ya, this was destiny...it was meant to be. Could it be anymore perfect!


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda