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Friday, September 3, 2010

2 More Give Aways From Some Of My Friends

If you follow my blog you have discovered that there are a lot of free hand crafted jewelry items that are given aways from myself and many of my friends.  Winning is extremely easy and there aren't any gimmics. Usually all you need to do is add yourself as a follower to the blog and add a comment, such as 'yes, I want win'. 

Today I found 2 of my friends with free give away contests.  I have already added my name and comment, because like yourself, I'm always interested in a prize, especially jewelry.

Here are the 2 blogs you will love to visit and add yourself as a follower.

This is my friend Cindy Wimmer.  She has a fantastic blog and her give away is a free copy of a large publication, to one lucky winner.

A new blog for me and it's wonderful.  Go see for yourself at www.janet-singingwoods.blogspot.com She has lovely jewelry and....fairies...who doesn't like fairies...and the following is just 1 of the many items in her list  as a give away to one lucky winner.

8 Green Girl Studio Charms for use in your Jewellery
And a String of Gaeas beads
And a beautiful Lampworked focal Rose by my friend Helen Simon
a koi fish pendant
a floating castle
a follow your heart NSEW flying heart
a faerie butterfly
mermaid faerie
a flying bee
a flying pig
a faerie round tablet
this string of Gaeas beads
a lampworked Rose
**And a Surprise Extra focal that you will Not be disapointed in!
Green Girl Studio focals.

If you have gotten this far on my post...be sure to check back,  because I'm going to be giving away another piece of jewelry to a lucky winner in the next day or two.

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  1. Hi Linda...thank you for posting this! I agree, Janet has a nice blog and is a very sweet person to get to know. :-)
    Have a great weekend - your first Labor Day in your new home!


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda