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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Studio Progress with a Jewelry Cabinet

Each day I spend some time in the studio getting it setup so I can actually use it.  Today a jewelry armoir was installed on the wall, thanks to the handy work of my brother-in-law, Ron.  I hung one bracelet in the cabinet, to motivate me to fill it up with new creations.  My jewelery still needs to be unpacked and stocked in this wonderful cabinet.  This picture shows the cabinet open.

Here's the jewelry cabinet closed. It shares the wall with the shelving that holds tons (literally) of beads, findings and wire - don't panic, some of those bins are empty.

Another wall of stuff.  Yes, those walls will be painted!

 Use caution before looking at the next picture.  It's fightening!  Somehow, my work table has become the catch all for everything that still hasn't found the right home here in the studio.  I dread confronting this clean up, but it's necessary if jewelry and fun are to be created.

Every studio needs a bistro'.  The coffee station, with new pot rack is right outside the studio door.

And of course the joy of my life, Sadie on one of her many soft spots.  It's been a long day, I think Sadie has the right idea.

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