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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paper Beads and Artist Colony

Yesterday I went to the Augusta Festival in Elkins, WV.  I wanted to see how large a crowd it attracted for my tent next year.  It was lovely.  All the tents were lining the paths, under a thick blanket of trees. There was a nice size crowd of shoppers. The first tent that I visited was by far the most interesting and talented.  I spoke with Vie of http://www.zendik.org/.  She was selling jewelry made primarily from handmade paper beads, made from disguarded magazines.  Of course I 'had' to buy myself a necklace.  After all, I'm supporting the arts. Right?!  Besides it will look great with a tee shirt.

Vie did several demonstrations while I, and others watched.  She made it look so easy.  But, she's had a lot of practice.  After the paper is rolled and glued, they are coated with a varnish and dried.  I love the idea that the necklace is re-purposed, aka green. 

Vie is a delightful women who lives and works at Zendik Farm Arts Organization, an artist colony located about 2 hours south of my home.  Zendik sounds very much like what the  70's called a Commune.  I'm planning on visiting Zendik in the Fall.

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