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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jewel of an Artist Found by the River

Yesterday I ventured to my first ever bluegrass festival.  I had so much fun.  Not your Grandma's bluegrass!  The bands were so talented, entertaining and funny.  Who would have thought they would make me laugh?  The biggest surprise for me was to meet Jamie Lynn Buckner.  She began making jewelry just 2 weeks ago.  She's a natural and I plan on following her progress. 

Honestly, I went to the festival to scope it out and see if it's a place for next year when I schedule my outdoor events and setup my tent and jewelry.  I came across a tent where Jamie Lynn was sitting.  She had about 6 necklaces out on the table.  My eyes went immediately to her jewelry.  Jamie Lynn is friendly and sociable.  I HAD to buy the necklace in the picture.  I couldn' resist.  All natural stones, but that makes so much sense, since she's a natural gal.

The music of the festival was magical, upbeat and immensely happy.  Who can resist happy?  As I watched the different bands entertain in hour segments my eyes and brain began to question what I was seeing and hearing.  There in front of me on the stage was this tiny beautiful women with a wonderful voice.  Yes, it was Jamie Lynn Buckner.  Incredible!  What a huge and talented voice coming from this multi-talented women.  It turns out that she wasn't there to sell her necklaces, but she is part of the Hillbilly Gypsies.  They are a high energy and extremely talented group of bluegrass musicians that move from venue to venue entertaining their many fans.  Check them out.  I promise you will love them and laugh at their innate funniness and you will thoroughly enjoy their music.  And every now and again, an energized muse will appear from behind the tall and talented men and you will be impressed and amazed by the energy and voice of Jamie Lynn Buckner.

You can find out more about the Hillbilly Gypsies at http://www.graceberry.net/ and follow the link to Hillbilly Gypsies.

Next year plan on attending Pickin' in Parsons.  It's held at the Five River Campgrounds, so bring your camping gear and plan to visit my tent.  (Shameless plug).

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