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Monday, August 30, 2010

And The Winner Is......

My first ever jewelry give away was posted the other day for this pendant.  All you had to do to win was to be a follower of my blog.  That's it!  No strings!  No spam!   Just fun!  Stay tuned because I plan on having another free jewelry give away very soon.

And the winner is.... the lovely Tracy Long of Reston, VA.   Yes!  You my friend are the winner of the leaf and rose bead pendant.  I'll be mailing this to you.  So watch you mailbox and start deciding which outfit you will wear it with. Or is there a special friend that you will gift it to?  Perhaps for Christmas?  Perhaps you will keep it for yourself.

As for everyone else....don't fret...a new give away is only days away from being announced.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Free Pendant Give Away

Do you like free stuff?  Of course you do.  I'm giving this pendant away.  Yup!  Free!  All you need to do, to participate, is to make sure you are a follower of my blog.  It's that easy.  If you are accessing my blog from Facebook, simply go to my Profile page, click on the Blog tab, then click on Follow.  If you are accessing my blog directly simply go to the Followers section on the bottom right.  Why am I doing this?  Because I want to play and this will help me to meet new friends. 

The drawing will be made on Monday, September 30th.  I will announce the winner here on the blog.  I'll send you an e-mail note so you can give me your address and then this beauty will be mailed to you.

Now for the fun!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Jewelry Shop Is Now Open at www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com

My jewelry shop is now open for business at http://www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com/  or by clicking the shop picure on the top, left side of my blog.  The inventory is in it's beginning stage with about 40 pieces listed.  In the next few weeks I will be busy getting a lot more pieces of jewelry listed. Everything needs to photographed, ad copy written, and then uploaded.

The prices that are listed are reduced from their normal price.  I'm hoping that this temporary pricing will attract people to come look and maybe shop.  The regular price structure will return in about 30 days. 

I plan on always offering free shipping.  I think it will be easier for everyone.  I don't like the idea of how some on line shops offer a price and then you find out at checkout that the shipping charges are surprising.

Here are a few tasty treats that are listed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pay It Forward

In participation of the Pay It Forward (PIF) social movement that is sweeping the world, free jewelry will be given away here at my blog.

I am hopeful that the participants who are awarded the free jewelry will in turn offer unconditional acts of kindness to others. All you need to do is add yourself as a follower to my blog. When I post a PIF on the blog you just need to speak up and write a comment that you plan on participating in PIF. I'll then put your name in a hat or bowl, or tool bag and randomly select a name. Then the PIF item will be mailed to you. How cool is that?!

So are you ready to add yourself as a follower and participate in PIF?

Pay It Forward is a social movement that has emerged from the book "Pay It Forward" written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. She defines the idea in her book as 'the act of voluntarily helping another without expectation of payback'. When you notice that somebody has done something nice for you, make a note in your mind to practice three acts of kindness towards other people.

Friday, August 20, 2010


What a perfect day at work.  I loaded my briefcase (Not!) and took the commute to my back porch office. Traffic was light today.  I only encountered one small delay, when Sadie tried to cut in front of me to get out the door.

Here's a picture off what I see when I look up from my hand tools.  Those are the mountain tops in the Canaan Valley area, which are higher than the mountain my town is on. 

And here's one of the pendants that came off the workbench, err table today.  It's destined for my shop on Etsy. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paper Beads and Artist Colony

Yesterday I went to the Augusta Festival in Elkins, WV.  I wanted to see how large a crowd it attracted for my tent next year.  It was lovely.  All the tents were lining the paths, under a thick blanket of trees. There was a nice size crowd of shoppers. The first tent that I visited was by far the most interesting and talented.  I spoke with Vie of http://www.zendik.org/.  She was selling jewelry made primarily from handmade paper beads, made from disguarded magazines.  Of course I 'had' to buy myself a necklace.  After all, I'm supporting the arts. Right?!  Besides it will look great with a tee shirt.

Vie did several demonstrations while I, and others watched.  She made it look so easy.  But, she's had a lot of practice.  After the paper is rolled and glued, they are coated with a varnish and dried.  I love the idea that the necklace is re-purposed, aka green. 

Vie is a delightful women who lives and works at Zendik Farm Arts Organization, an artist colony located about 2 hours south of my home.  Zendik sounds very much like what the  70's called a Commune.  I'm planning on visiting Zendik in the Fall.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Studio Progress with a Jewelry Cabinet

Each day I spend some time in the studio getting it setup so I can actually use it.  Today a jewelry armoir was installed on the wall, thanks to the handy work of my brother-in-law, Ron.  I hung one bracelet in the cabinet, to motivate me to fill it up with new creations.  My jewelery still needs to be unpacked and stocked in this wonderful cabinet.  This picture shows the cabinet open.

Here's the jewelry cabinet closed. It shares the wall with the shelving that holds tons (literally) of beads, findings and wire - don't panic, some of those bins are empty.

Another wall of stuff.  Yes, those walls will be painted!

 Use caution before looking at the next picture.  It's fightening!  Somehow, my work table has become the catch all for everything that still hasn't found the right home here in the studio.  I dread confronting this clean up, but it's necessary if jewelry and fun are to be created.

Every studio needs a bistro'.  The coffee station, with new pot rack is right outside the studio door.

And of course the joy of my life, Sadie on one of her many soft spots.  It's been a long day, I think Sadie has the right idea.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jewel of an Artist Found by the River

Yesterday I ventured to my first ever bluegrass festival.  I had so much fun.  Not your Grandma's bluegrass!  The bands were so talented, entertaining and funny.  Who would have thought they would make me laugh?  The biggest surprise for me was to meet Jamie Lynn Buckner.  She began making jewelry just 2 weeks ago.  She's a natural and I plan on following her progress. 

Honestly, I went to the festival to scope it out and see if it's a place for next year when I schedule my outdoor events and setup my tent and jewelry.  I came across a tent where Jamie Lynn was sitting.  She had about 6 necklaces out on the table.  My eyes went immediately to her jewelry.  Jamie Lynn is friendly and sociable.  I HAD to buy the necklace in the picture.  I couldn' resist.  All natural stones, but that makes so much sense, since she's a natural gal.

The music of the festival was magical, upbeat and immensely happy.  Who can resist happy?  As I watched the different bands entertain in hour segments my eyes and brain began to question what I was seeing and hearing.  There in front of me on the stage was this tiny beautiful women with a wonderful voice.  Yes, it was Jamie Lynn Buckner.  Incredible!  What a huge and talented voice coming from this multi-talented women.  It turns out that she wasn't there to sell her necklaces, but she is part of the Hillbilly Gypsies.  They are a high energy and extremely talented group of bluegrass musicians that move from venue to venue entertaining their many fans.  Check them out.  I promise you will love them and laugh at their innate funniness and you will thoroughly enjoy their music.  And every now and again, an energized muse will appear from behind the tall and talented men and you will be impressed and amazed by the energy and voice of Jamie Lynn Buckner.

You can find out more about the Hillbilly Gypsies at http://www.graceberry.net/ and follow the link to Hillbilly Gypsies.

Next year plan on attending Pickin' in Parsons.  It's held at the Five River Campgrounds, so bring your camping gear and plan to visit my tent.  (Shameless plug).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun This Weekend with Pickin' in Parsons

My blog is normally dedicated to hand crafted artisan wire and metal jewelry, but since my studio has moved to the beautiful Appalachian mountains I will be adding some of the regional events.  If you are in the area, please checkout the 7th Annual Pickin' in Parsons.  It's going to be fun!

The weather will be perfect!
The music will be fun!
Your foot will be tapping!
The food will be delish!
The memory will adorn your scrapbook!

For only $20 you can enjoy a half day of terrific professional music.
Want more music?  Then plan on spending the day or the entire weekend.
For more information log on to: www.fiverivercampground.com and follow the Pickin' in Parsons link.