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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Studio in Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia

This morning I received the exciting news that my offer on a new home and studio in the mountains of Tucker County, West Virginia has been accepted. I will be moving in on July 1st. The thought of packing up my current home of 16 years is intimidating, but the thoughts of unpacking and setting up my studio is exciting. My emotions are all over the place.

While I was in West Virginia looking at homes,the family celebrated Olivia's 3rd birthday. She is my great niece. That makes me her great aunt - Yes, I am! She is a joy to watch. I love the look of innocents and wonder on her face as she danced among the bubbles all around her made from the bubble machine. Ahhh, to have that feeling of freedom.

I was so busy with the doe, party, house hunting and contract signing that I am embarrassed to say that my bag of tools, beads and wire were never taken out of the trunk of the car.

But then again, how often will I have the chance to hold a new born doe's little foot in the palm of my hand?

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