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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cindy Wimmer On The Cover Of Easy Wire

I just bought the recent issue of Easy Wire and to my delight my friend Cindy Wimmer is on the cover.  It is an accomplishment to have a piece of art published, but this talented lady has out shined many with 4 beautiful pieces and their tutorials.  They are all my favorites and I can't wait to try these beauties out for myself.
Where do I begin?  Since each piece is my favorite?
Full Circle is on page 33.  This bracelet is too cool! All you need is wire, a washer, a punch and your hand tools.  I want this piece and I think you will agree that it is awesome!
Urban Ornament is on page 90.  I am a pendant lover.  I love how she uses various coils with different gauges of wire and twisted wire to create this modern pendant. 
Emerald Garden is on page 18.  Oh, don't you just love all this silver and those yummy lampworked beads.  This bracelet is so girlie.
The Spiral Roses necklace is on the cover and can be found on page 46.  With this piece the ribbons can be changed at anytime to compliment your outfit.  Very creative.

I just can't wait to get my studio moved so I can begin to make these wonderful pieces of wearable art.  I just went over to Cindy's blog and she has all the pictures posted there.  Check out her blog at http://www.sweetbeadstudio.com/.

And if your looking for the tools and the materials to make any of her wire pieces you can find everything at http://www.fundametals.net/ It's my favorite site for supplies.

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