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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Found Objects Class with Richard Salley

Yesterday I took an awesome jewelry class called Found Objects. We all created a pendant. The red time piece was created by a fella named Mike, he does wonderful work. I really love the heart pendant, but can't remember the name of the very talented lady that created it. The real works of art are made by Richard Salley our teacher (www.rsalley.com). Oh, and mine is in this group of pictres - its the compass rose with the vase. Of course I can see everything that needs to change on it, but not bad for the first attempt. We used 2" metal jar lids as the foundation (Starbucks, baby food, Snapple) As you can see from mine the circle lost it's shape as I hammered - Let's blame it on the 5th hour of a 6 hour class. Sounds good to me. There was some enameling (fire) soddering (more fire), etching, riveting, metal cutting and a bunch of other stuff. The filagree behind the copper compass was enameled, the compass was my attempt at etching. Behind the filagree is a piece of faux bone I cut and torched to age (faux bone is art speak for a flat sheet of pvc - go figure). There is a hidden spiral between the compass and the filagree as a washer to allow the compass to move - after all I do need to know where I'm going.
This pendant style is way to big for my personal taste, so there are ideas brewing in my brain. I think the 'guy' pendants are a perfect size and really cool. Richard sells his for $175 a pop...Anyone need a custom order? I'm for hire...especially since I am now in-between jobs...yeah another chapter.

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