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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pay It Forward or PIF

There's a wave of 'Random Acts of Kindness" gaining momentum in our world. It's always a treasure for me to find out that the world is nicer than the press would like me to believe. So I am taking this time to write about the phenomenon that is growing in our world called "Pay It Forward". This occurrence been created from the book and video by Catherine Ryan Hyde called "Pay It Forward". This wonderful contagious act of non-conditional love is everywhere and starting today I am officially a PIFer starting with free jewlery being given away at http://www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com/. Ihope that after reading this that you too, will be a PIFer.

Here is a list of bits and pieces that I have found on through google.com for you.

Pay it Forward

Definition: the act of voluntarily helping another without expectation of payback.

From the book "Pay it Forward" by Catherine Ryan Hyde

….."pay it forward" by choosing three people for whom they can do favors, and in turn telling those people to pay it forward. It's nothing less than a human chain letter of kindness and good will.

From: http://www.3cscommunity.com/Pay_it_Forward_12.asp

When you notice that somebody has done something nice for you, make a note in your mind to practice three acts of kindness towards other people.

From: http://www.wikihow.com/Pay-It-Forward

Another friendly promotion is the Pay it Forward program, called PIF for short. It appears to have been started by Etsy sellers and is meant to increase gifting between members. A seller wishing to do a PIF simply lists an item the minimum price of .20, notes that it is a PIF item. When a buyer completes the check out process, the seller later marks them as paid and ships the item free of charge (shipping included). The only catch is that the buyer must then either list their own PIF or do a good deed to "pay it forward".

From: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/177384

Here's how to find more information at etsy.com

Click on Community
Click on Forums
In the search box enter Pay It forward
Choose a link to read

One of my favorites is: “Etsyian Pay It Forward” by author: mellowbeing


Click on Community
Click on forums
In the search box enter PIF
Choose a link to read

Now it’s time to stop writing and start doing. I’m off to PIF! Please join in and create some love and miracles.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coiled Copper Bracelet

Whew! I didn't think I would ever get this bracelet done. But, here it is. This bracelet took me hours to complete over a period of 3 days. I found the design in Sharilyn Miller's book "Bead on a Wire". I have always admired her work, but after this bracelet my respect for her has skyrocketed.

Using 14 gauge copper wire to make many coils was the first task. After that there was 20 gauge to wrap at the joints and some more 14 gauge for other joints. Every time I thought I was close to completion there was yet another spiral. I must admit that I was determined to complete this bracelet. I now know why jewelry artist can and should charge a lot of money for their work. The practice and time alone run up the taxi meter.

Finally this morning I antiqued this piece in Liver of Sulphur, then used steel wool to bring the copper to the front again and then it went on a ride in my tumbler for an hour to harden and remove any tiny blemishes.

I tried it on and just love it! It is worth every minute and hour that went into it. I plan on keeping this lovely for my personal collection so it will be shown in the gallery on my website.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Linda Sinish My Trip To Blog Land

My journey into the land of hand crafted jewelry took me by surprise. In another lifetime I was married to an artist. I would listen to him speak with such passion about art and art history. I would watch as he would magically create a canvas from paint and his imagination. I would walk miles and miles in galleries and museums and stare endlessly at masterpieces wondering how and sometimes why it was created. But never was I inspired to pick up a brush or be artistic. Until that fateful day years after the marriage had dissolved.

My friend Nina is an artist. She works with oils and acrylics on canvas. She and I went on an art supply shopping spree. We drove down the highway to Pearl Art Supply so she could find that perfect tube of paint. That’s when it happened. Pearl was having a sidewalk sale. Wonderful tubes of paint for next to nothing in price. I was possessed. I said to my friend “If I buy this, will you show me how to paint?” Well, that opened a can of worms. She is a wonderful and very patient teacher. After her lessons in my home we then enrolled in some Bob Ross classes. I really was in love with painting and the Bob Ross technique took a hold of me. Nina and I ventured to the great out doors for plein air painting. I love all the landscapes and nature settings it offers. This period in my life lasted for a few years. I decided that I enjoy painting, but none of my canvases are worthy of my living room wall. So they hang in my studio. Yes, I do still pick up a paint brush and the rest of my gear and trek to the great outdoors to paint. Sometimes an insect lands on my canvas and it becomes a bird.

One day while in the local arts and crafts store I saw and enrolled in a class for jewelry making. Here I learned the basics of bead stringing and some design. I continued to take classes there until I felt I had learned all that was offered at this store. I then started to buy teaching CDs and books. I just couldn’t get enough. When I looked at the sterling silver accent beads I kept thinking that I could make something, if only I knew how. The web had lots of examples, so I knew I was onto something, but where and how was I going to learn. I began to buy wire and tools and experimented. I have wasted a lot of wire in my learning quest. I have bought wire that I doubt I will ever use because it is the wrong material or quality. Lessons were learned. Some of these lessons were expensive.

One day I was browsing the community center class catalog. I thought maybe I’d take another basic jewelry class just to get involved in a group and to have something to do, another boredom decision. When I opened the catalog I was happily surprised to find wire wrapping being offered by Jeanette Blix. I enrolled in every class she was offering. I continue to take classes with Jeanette. She is a wonderful teacher and her love of the art is obvious with her teaching and her jewelry.

Over time my art has and continues to develop. The studio has evolved. Students now attend classes that I teach. My jewelry is sold and worn by people I don’t know. I am flattered and grateful. And now a web-site and blog is developed. All this started with a sidewalk sale of tubes of paint.