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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blazer and Eurotool Torches

Last Sunday, the 14th, Jeanette and Andria joined me in the studio. They brought their torches and did a demo and comparison.

First we put a piece of sheet metal down to protect the workbench. I have read that ceramic tiles work well for this purpose and some added to the back board improve safety. We then got out not one, not two, but three fire extinguishers and read how to work them. No need to have Fire Marshall Bill show up.

Jeanette owns the Eurotool Max Flame $38.50 on the left and Andria owns the Blazer $85.00 on the right. Both torches use high grade butane that is purchased in a tobacco / cigar shop. They preformed equally well and balled the metal to make head pins. Right now I'm not ready to buy a torch, since I am focusing on cold connections. However, there will come a day that I will shell out some dollars, because I'm a tool junky. At that time I will go for the Eurotool and save myself a few dollars.

There are lots of articles on the web about the many types of torches. Some say you can even use a kitchen torch that is used for creme brulee and costs only a few dollars. For those who want to melt glass there are some big dollar high performance torches. So shop around and do a lot of research before diving in to make sure the torch you get serves your purpose.

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