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Monday, November 10, 2008

New Listings for My Etsy Shop

Since I have been spending so much time learning and practicing new techniques I have not taken the time to get new items into my Etsy shop. But that has finally been accomplished. I'm on my way to stocking my inventory. My new goal is to stock new items in my shop every week.

I have just stocked 3 pair of really cute Christmas earrings. The Christmas trees and the Angels are all Swarvoski crystals and/or pearls. The Snowmen are lamp worked. All have sterling silver ear wires. I'm really fond of the snowman on the left. He looks a bit disorientated with his crooked eyes, but his pal on the right helps to keep him balanced. These boys are up for adoption.

The spiral pendant and earrings are going to be listed separately, but they are meant as a set. Copper and silver artistic wire was twisted, then shaped into a spiral. They are accented with Swarvoski crystals, because everyone needs some bling. The pendants comes with a satin cord that just happens to match. How'd that happen!? This set started as an earring set that was inspired from my friend Brenda's earrings. I made her take her earrings off so I could examine them. It's interesting how they don't look at all the same, with the exception of twisted wire in a spiral shape. I'm always fascinated by the end result of a project. It seems something takes ahold and makes the project take on it's own personality.