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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jewlery Business Tips

I am always on the look out for information on improving my jewelry business. This months Art Jewelry magazine has made me very happy. They have a monthly feature 'Business Savvy'. This months article is titled 'Selling your jewelry online'. It is packed with valuable tips. Some of the tips I have learned along the way from other resources, but I was thrilled with the many ideas that were new to me.

One tip that I really am excited about is titled 'Reconsider your discards'. This tip really is a hit with me. It reminded me that every piece of jewelry, no matter how ugly or imperfect I may believe, is a potential sale. Or, as they say 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. It confirms that not every piece of jewelry that is made is perfect.

The tip goes on to say to sell these not so perfect pieces under an alias and not your name. Then put them up on eBay and let the bidding begin. Go for it! Get that unwanted inventory out there and some cash in your pocket.

You might want to read this article, as well as some of the past and future business articles. Check with your library or local book store and see if they carry it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Listings for My Etsy Shop

Since I have been spending so much time learning and practicing new techniques I have not taken the time to get new items into my Etsy shop. But that has finally been accomplished. I'm on my way to stocking my inventory. My new goal is to stock new items in my shop every week.

I have just stocked 3 pair of really cute Christmas earrings. The Christmas trees and the Angels are all Swarvoski crystals and/or pearls. The Snowmen are lamp worked. All have sterling silver ear wires. I'm really fond of the snowman on the left. He looks a bit disorientated with his crooked eyes, but his pal on the right helps to keep him balanced. These boys are up for adoption.

The spiral pendant and earrings are going to be listed separately, but they are meant as a set. Copper and silver artistic wire was twisted, then shaped into a spiral. They are accented with Swarvoski crystals, because everyone needs some bling. The pendants comes with a satin cord that just happens to match. How'd that happen!? This set started as an earring set that was inspired from my friend Brenda's earrings. I made her take her earrings off so I could examine them. It's interesting how they don't look at all the same, with the exception of twisted wire in a spiral shape. I'm always fascinated by the end result of a project. It seems something takes ahold and makes the project take on it's own personality.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wire Links

I admire those talented wire jewelry artist that excel with the wire links that connect the main components or beads. Those many, and often small, links may be the co-stars of a piece of jewelry, as the eye is drawn to a remarkable focal area, but without links the jewelry doesn't stand a chance.

I decided it was time to practice a few of those wonderful co-stars. I started out with the 'easy link' that is in Sharilyn Millers book "Bead on a Wire" page 40. The first few were less than successful. In fact they were frustrating. The wire was measured as Sharilyn instructed, but when the second loop was formed, there wasn't enough wire. I puzzeled and fretted, wondering what went wrong. Another length of wire was cut, because I thought, I must have cut the first to short. The second, third, forth, well you get the idea, they failed. Then I reread the instructions and realized that 2 round nose pliers of different sizes are used to form the 'easy link'. This allows one loop to be larger and one smaller. Whew! Once I figured this out I was on my way and made a few dozen links.

The second link is the 'quad-loop', from the book "Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry" by Art Jewelry Books, page 31. I prefer to call it the clover leaf. At first it would appear to be as easy as making 4 loops. Well, that's true with the exception of the word easy. As you can see from the picture my first attempts are not ready for prime time. I decided to post this picture with my failures, because I haven't found a student of wire jewelry to be perfect the first time out the gate. As you can see, some don't lay flat and many of the wires need to be cut shorter and neatened up. It's interesting how I didn't notice these very loud imperfections until the picture was posted. I'll practice this link a few dozen times until I am comfortable with the results. Then maybe it will be time to put them into a design.

The Web-Site Is Published

This has been a year of technical learning for me. My web-site is now published. http://www.artyzenstudio.com/ I must warn you that it is rough and I have a lot of changes and designing that needs to be done before it is truly done. However, the first steps have been taken. Please let me know what you think. I welcome all of your suggestions. Right off the bat I know that my banner isn't the right size. It's too small and that makes it hard to read. The nice lady that designed my banner will put her magic touch to it and make me look more presentable.

Now back to wire.