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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wire Wrapped Pink Pendant

I love this new pendant and I was amazed by how quickly it came together for me. All those practice coils are starting to pay off. I started with a 20mm rondelle shaped howlite bead. I made the bail and anchored it through the center of the bead and ended it with a double ring. Then I made a long coil over a support wire and wrapped it. On the double ring there are 3 wrapped charms made from Swarovski crystals for some added bling. Right now it's hanging on braided leather, but I'm thinking it needs a sterling silver choker. Drat! That means I need to go to the studio and play.

I wore it Saturday to a wire working jewelry class and received 2 compliments. Jeanette liked the color. I have sent her the link to the supplier. Another lady taking the class liked the coil.