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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Accident Fupah Bracelet

I took these pictures with very little time left before I needed to leave for work, so I just couldn't decide which background I liked best. So you get to see the same bracelet twice.

I made this late last night. I had an 'ideas' for the large link. Of course what I had in my head came out in wire a bit different. This link has a lot of possibilities. First to correct what I created. This link should be about an inch or 2 inches wider so it wraps around my wrist a bit. Also, it needs to be formed over a large mandrel to form more of a curvature before I work harden it. Lesson learned. The 'long' links on the sides with the wrapped wire around the center needed to be longer. It would add a bit more appeal and then I could leave out some of the jump rings. Guess who didn't measure. You know what they say 'Measure twice, cut once'. Well that goes for wire as well as wood.

The link has a lot of possibilities. Add some wrapped wire here and there; maybe some seed beads on the wrapped wire; maybe more charms; maybe wrapped wire and over wrap it with small beads on the rim. Oh, or I could add copper or bronze wire as the wrapping to add contrast. The other idea I had was to use the link as a hair clip, just add a chop stick through the end rings to hold the hair in place.