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Monday, September 15, 2008

Egyptian Coil Bracelet Class

Last Saturday I road with Jeanette to her class at Bead Obsession in Old Town Alexandria. It's quite a hike from Reston to Old Town, but a trip well worth the time. The shop is small and intimate with lots of beads and wire and the ladies who work their are very knowlegeable and helpful.

Jeanette is teaching the same Egyptian coil bracelet class this coming Saturday in Reston, but I already have a comittment. This technique is very precise and requires lots of patience and practice. Anyone new to jewelry wire working would be wise to have captured the knack of making coils. From there it's all about being exact with the measurements and precise with where the bend for the link is made. For myself the bend at the right place was challenging, but this will improve and be perfected with practice.

I didn't complete my bracelet during class, but once I have it finalized I'll post a picture of it here. You can see a picture of Jeanette's bracelet at any earlier blog post.

Sunday, while waiting for tires to be installed, I sat in the waiting room and practiced making the Eyptian links. I plan on doing another practice batch later this week. I am determined to master this technique. The end result is a beautiful bracelet.