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Friday, August 8, 2008

Double Helix Practice

Last Sunday I went over to Jeanettes house and she taught me how to make a double helix. Isn't it beautiful? This only took me hours to complete! Not exactly what I would call efficient, but certainly time well spent. Plus, I had a great time in Jeanette's studio. Once I have completed many of these they will all link together with jump rings, a clasp and I will have a beauiful new bracelet.

Tomorrow I will be helping Jeanette with her class. She has 10 students registered to learn this technique. I believe my role will be to assist students with the hand coiler, since there are so many students. I hope I am of value to her and to the class. I'll give you all an update and hopefully a picture of my completed bracelet. I really want a new piece of jewelry to wear to work on Monday.