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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camera and Photo Setup

No one told me that along with learning lots of wire techniques that I'd also be learning a lot about taking pictures to be published. I have stressed and stressed over getting decent quality photos. I've used boxes and lights; setup outside and in daylight. But I finally broke down and invested in this white gizmo. I think it's called a photo tent or a photo cloud. I kept putting off the expense because my vendor wanted about $90 for a tiny one. Finally I woke up one morning with EBay on my mind. There I found it. Brand spanking new with shipping and handling included at a buy it now price of less than $20. So it pays (really) to shop around and maybe you'll save $70 bucks like I did. Now I have more money for wire.

I've taken over an unused bathroom, which is next to my studio. I placed the cloud on a chest to bring it up to a workable height. My jewelry goes into the cloud (the front cover comes off and on with Velcro. My camera is on a Walmart tripod (the good tripod has my plein-air painting easel on it) Then I put a bunch of spare lights around it and they all are plugged into an extension cord. I plug it in when in use and make sure it's unplugged when I'm done because things get too hot to leave unattended.