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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Egyptian Coiled Bracelet Class with Jeanette

I just opened the Reston Community Center Program Guide http://www.restoncommunitycenter.com/ and Jeanette Blix http://www.jeanetteblix.com/ has scheduled 3 wire working classes for ths fall; earrings and 2 bracelets. I have already taken 2 of these classes, but I plan on enrolling and taking them again. I always have fun in a jewelry class and sometimes I make a new friend. Plus the more I practice the better I will be at these advanced techniques. She is teaching the Egyptian Coil for making a bracelet which I really can use. This past weekend I practiced this techique for a couple of frustrating hours in the studio. I have the coil down, somehow the folding and connecting didn't work out to a beautiful piece of jewelry. I was planning on calling Jeanette to get some advise or to see when she was planning on teaching the Egyptian Coil, but there she is with the class already scheduled. Now I just need to enroll and wait until September 20th.

Here's a picture of Jeanettes bracelet. ------------->

Oh, drat! I just realized I have a calendar conflict on the 20th. I have already committed to participating in the Spiritual outdoor event on that same day. Who knew that this would happen so early in my wire wrapping chapter. Now what?! I'm disappointed that I can't take Jeanette's class, yet very excited about the creative event I'll be participating in.

Great News! I spoke with Jeanette and she is teaching this class in Alexandria. So, I'll call and enroll. This makes me very happy.