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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Invited to Participate in Creative Spiritual Program

Here’s some very exciting news. An invitation to participate in a special fall program arrived in my e-mail. It will be held outdoors. (I love Mother Nature.) The theme for the program is ‘Fulfilling Your Spiritual Destiny: Aligning Dreams and Action.’ As part of the program the organizers are planning on having jewelry making, collage, music, and other art forms that relate to the theme.

I am thrilled and grateful to be invited to help to plan and participate in this event. I’m excited to meet the other people who will be part of the program. It’s so much fun to see and hear what other people are doing for their creative expression. The day sounds perfect. All surrounded by Mother Nature and the changing colors of autumn in the great outdoors.

I’m waiting for a call back to let me know more of the details and I’ll bet there are meetings planned. There are always meetings. What would we do without meetings? I think they can be viewed as another form of creative expression. Add some humor, refreshments and there’s a party!