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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Herringbone Wire Wrap

Last evening I escaped to the workshop/studio and practiced the herringbone wire wrap. After a few disappointments I finally got the hang of it. Keeping the wire tight while moving it around the bead is the secret to having wire that ends up tight and straight. My first attempts left me frustrated because the wire was wavy and lose. This was just not the look I was going for and it certainly didn't look professional. Finally, a pair of herringbone wire wrapped earrings have emerged with black round gems in the center. Mine! All mine! I then went ahead and made a pair that I will list on Etsy. Now that I have the hang of this technique I'll make a matching bracelet and a pendant and yes, of course I'll make a set for the Artyzen Studio store at Etsy.

Now what to do with all those misfits that aren't presentable....I guess it's time to clip the wire off into the trash (sad) and put those lovely beads back to use again.

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