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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coiled Bracelet Class

Wow! Things are really manifesting and quickly. Jeanette Blix my extra special wire jewelry teacher has asked me to help her during her up and coming coil bracelet class that is being held at the Reston Community Center in August. I was going to take the class, but she wants to teach me the technique earlier so I can help her with the students. I am honored.

It is helpful to have someone close by when a new technique is being learned. The hands are attempting to do what the ears hear and the eyes see, and of course Jeanette is excellent not only with her verbal instructions, but with her demonstrations. But, sometimes, at least for me, it can be a lot to take in and have the hands coordinate. I can’t wait to learn to do this bracelet and then to help others to make it.

Here is a picture of Jeanette’s bracelet that she made. You can see more of her amazing work at http://www.jeanetteblix.com/.