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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blazer and Eurotool Torches

Last Sunday, the 14th, Jeanette and Andria joined me in the studio. They brought their torches and did a demo and comparison.

First we put a piece of sheet metal down to protect the workbench. I have read that ceramic tiles work well for this purpose and some added to the back board improve safety. We then got out not one, not two, but three fire extinguishers and read how to work them. No need to have Fire Marshall Bill show up.

Jeanette owns the Eurotool Max Flame $38.50 on the left and Andria owns the Blazer $85.00 on the right. Both torches use high grade butane that is purchased in a tobacco / cigar shop. They preformed equally well and balled the metal to make head pins. Right now I'm not ready to buy a torch, since I am focusing on cold connections. However, there will come a day that I will shell out some dollars, because I'm a tool junky. At that time I will go for the Eurotool and save myself a few dollars.

There are lots of articles on the web about the many types of torches. Some say you can even use a kitchen torch that is used for creme brulee and costs only a few dollars. For those who want to melt glass there are some big dollar high performance torches. So shop around and do a lot of research before diving in to make sure the torch you get serves your purpose.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Copper Bracelet and Pendant

Today I completed a copper bracelet and pendant. It is the first time that I have actually used liver of sulphur to antique my wire and then used 000 steel wool to bring out the high lights. Using the steel wool has the same artistic challenge as paint on a canvas. It's knowing when to stop. It was a very interesting experiment.

For those of you who haven't use liver of sulphur be warned! This stuff stinks. It stinks a lot! So I was outside in the cold, so the smell wouldn't overtake me. I'm sure my neighbors must have thought I was a bit weird. But I think the few minutes in the cold was worth it. Al tho, it would have been smart of me to have put on a coat. Dah!

I am thrilled with the final projects. It is amazing how much the antique effects improve the appearance of the wire.
From looking at this picture of the pendant I need to go tweak the bottom coils where they connect to the drop. They are hanging a bit to the side. It's interesting how I don't see some of these areas until they have been photographed and published. Geeish! I am always learning.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Earrings

I just love these new earrings. They can be worn anytime of the year, but they are similar to the shape of a Christmas tree with pretty ruby ornaments so they are just perfect for the holidays.

These Swarvoski crystals are named ruby. I have always associated ruby with a deep red, but apparently those wonderful folks at Swarvoski headquarters think ruby is a bit more violet.

These crystals are surrounded with a silver filigree cone that was originally created as caps on multiple sting necklaces.

I am using a different photo editing software and still need to master the effects of silver, the details of the filigree are so much prettier in person.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jewlery Business Tips

I am always on the look out for information on improving my jewelry business. This months Art Jewelry magazine has made me very happy. They have a monthly feature 'Business Savvy'. This months article is titled 'Selling your jewelry online'. It is packed with valuable tips. Some of the tips I have learned along the way from other resources, but I was thrilled with the many ideas that were new to me.

One tip that I really am excited about is titled 'Reconsider your discards'. This tip really is a hit with me. It reminded me that every piece of jewelry, no matter how ugly or imperfect I may believe, is a potential sale. Or, as they say 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. It confirms that not every piece of jewelry that is made is perfect.

The tip goes on to say to sell these not so perfect pieces under an alias and not your name. Then put them up on eBay and let the bidding begin. Go for it! Get that unwanted inventory out there and some cash in your pocket.

You might want to read this article, as well as some of the past and future business articles. Check with your library or local book store and see if they carry it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Listings for My Etsy Shop

Since I have been spending so much time learning and practicing new techniques I have not taken the time to get new items into my Etsy shop. But that has finally been accomplished. I'm on my way to stocking my inventory. My new goal is to stock new items in my shop every week.

I have just stocked 3 pair of really cute Christmas earrings. The Christmas trees and the Angels are all Swarvoski crystals and/or pearls. The Snowmen are lamp worked. All have sterling silver ear wires. I'm really fond of the snowman on the left. He looks a bit disorientated with his crooked eyes, but his pal on the right helps to keep him balanced. These boys are up for adoption.

The spiral pendant and earrings are going to be listed separately, but they are meant as a set. Copper and silver artistic wire was twisted, then shaped into a spiral. They are accented with Swarvoski crystals, because everyone needs some bling. The pendants comes with a satin cord that just happens to match. How'd that happen!? This set started as an earring set that was inspired from my friend Brenda's earrings. I made her take her earrings off so I could examine them. It's interesting how they don't look at all the same, with the exception of twisted wire in a spiral shape. I'm always fascinated by the end result of a project. It seems something takes ahold and makes the project take on it's own personality.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wire Links

I admire those talented wire jewelry artist that excel with the wire links that connect the main components or beads. Those many, and often small, links may be the co-stars of a piece of jewelry, as the eye is drawn to a remarkable focal area, but without links the jewelry doesn't stand a chance.

I decided it was time to practice a few of those wonderful co-stars. I started out with the 'easy link' that is in Sharilyn Millers book "Bead on a Wire" page 40. The first few were less than successful. In fact they were frustrating. The wire was measured as Sharilyn instructed, but when the second loop was formed, there wasn't enough wire. I puzzeled and fretted, wondering what went wrong. Another length of wire was cut, because I thought, I must have cut the first to short. The second, third, forth, well you get the idea, they failed. Then I reread the instructions and realized that 2 round nose pliers of different sizes are used to form the 'easy link'. This allows one loop to be larger and one smaller. Whew! Once I figured this out I was on my way and made a few dozen links.

The second link is the 'quad-loop', from the book "Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry" by Art Jewelry Books, page 31. I prefer to call it the clover leaf. At first it would appear to be as easy as making 4 loops. Well, that's true with the exception of the word easy. As you can see from the picture my first attempts are not ready for prime time. I decided to post this picture with my failures, because I haven't found a student of wire jewelry to be perfect the first time out the gate. As you can see, some don't lay flat and many of the wires need to be cut shorter and neatened up. It's interesting how I didn't notice these very loud imperfections until the picture was posted. I'll practice this link a few dozen times until I am comfortable with the results. Then maybe it will be time to put them into a design.

The Web-Site Is Published

This has been a year of technical learning for me. My web-site is now published. http://www.artyzenstudio.com/ I must warn you that it is rough and I have a lot of changes and designing that needs to be done before it is truly done. However, the first steps have been taken. Please let me know what you think. I welcome all of your suggestions. Right off the bat I know that my banner isn't the right size. It's too small and that makes it hard to read. The nice lady that designed my banner will put her magic touch to it and make me look more presentable.

Now back to wire.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friends Making Earrings

Several friends from our neighborhood got together Sunday to make earrings. I am always amazed at the wonderful creativity that these friends express with their remarkable earring creations. Two of the ladies were new to the group and had never picked up a pair of jewelry pliers or a headpin, but they shined with their designs and finished earrings. One friend wanted a pair of hoops. Since I was teaching a basic introduction earring class we were using ear wires and headpins. I quickly put on my wire wrapping hat. I had to switch gears in my head. I took a length of 20 gauge wire and wrapped it around a spice jar. This was work hardened with the rawhide hammer. The wires were then cut the same as for jump rings, only these were huge. A quick loop was made on one end. My friend loaded it with the beads she wanted and then another loop was made on the other end of the hoop. These 2 loops were connected with a jump ring and then to the ear wire.

I learned a lot by teaching this class. I should say I always learn a lot from teaching a jewelry class. The students always have an idea or question that I need to come up to the plate to answer or create.

As you can see from the picture we all had a great time. Lots of friendship, food and I think we ended up with more than 25 pairs of earrings.

Sadie was very attentive and kept a close watch out on all the activities. By the end of our class she was very tired and had to rest on her pillow.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nina's Earrings

I made these for my loving friend Nina, The Goddess of the West. She sent me a picture of a pair Swarovski earrings that were similar to these and hinted for me to make them for her. I kept procrastinating, and with good reason, those Swarovski 6mm bicones are each individually wrapped and then strung through a 2mm sterling silver linked chain, and finally the easy part was to attach them to sterling ear wires. There are 19 crystals on each earring and they hang about 2 1/2 long. They are very very bling. I 'might' make myself a pair for the upcoming holidays.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Herringbone Weave Again and Again

Saturday I took yet another herringbone wire weave class. I hope to one day master this technique. In the meantime I'll keep practicing.
This one is made from sterling silver wire, including all the jump rings and the clasp. The beads are 10 mm glass that are dyed in jewel tones.
I plan on oxidizing this bracelet. When I do I'll put a before and after picture up on the blog so you can see the comparison. The oxidizing can really change the appearance of a jewelry item.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oakland Maryland and the Arts

This past weekend I had a fantastic time with my friends as we explored the sites in and near Oakland, MD. The road trip had a specific goal for me. I am considering Oakland to be my future home town in the next few years. I'm in the process of what I call 'research and development'. First, I need to absolutely love the town. Second, there must be art, especially 3 dimensional jewelry.

There is so much art. I had a terrific time looking. There are a few sources, but the most impressive is the Garrett County Council for the Arts. They have a gallery in town with many works of art hung on the walls; oil, acrylics, water colors, pencil and metal hanging sculptures. The counters and displays were full of glass, wood and my favorite cold connected wire jewelry. Here's their link http://www.garrettarts.com/index.html

The area is also the home of Spruce Forest, http://spruceforest.org/ with its many artists and their studios. Unfortunately for me, but lucky for them, the studios are closed on Sundays, so I couldn't visit them. But they are the very first item on my list for my next visit to the Appalachian Mountains. Some of the art that is offered includes painting, metal sculpturing, wood working, print making and yes indeed, cold connection jewelry.

Here I am checking out the Historical Society Museum. No jewelry to be found, but there is a lot of historic artifacts and history of the region. However, I am wearing all handcrafted jewelry so that counts for something.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wire Wrapped Pink Pendant

I love this new pendant and I was amazed by how quickly it came together for me. All those practice coils are starting to pay off. I started with a 20mm rondelle shaped howlite bead. I made the bail and anchored it through the center of the bead and ended it with a double ring. Then I made a long coil over a support wire and wrapped it. On the double ring there are 3 wrapped charms made from Swarovski crystals for some added bling. Right now it's hanging on braided leather, but I'm thinking it needs a sterling silver choker. Drat! That means I need to go to the studio and play.

I wore it Saturday to a wire working jewelry class and received 2 compliments. Jeanette liked the color. I have sent her the link to the supplier. Another lady taking the class liked the coil.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Egyptian Coil Bracelet Class

Last Saturday I road with Jeanette to her class at Bead Obsession in Old Town Alexandria. It's quite a hike from Reston to Old Town, but a trip well worth the time. The shop is small and intimate with lots of beads and wire and the ladies who work their are very knowlegeable and helpful.

Jeanette is teaching the same Egyptian coil bracelet class this coming Saturday in Reston, but I already have a comittment. This technique is very precise and requires lots of patience and practice. Anyone new to jewelry wire working would be wise to have captured the knack of making coils. From there it's all about being exact with the measurements and precise with where the bend for the link is made. For myself the bend at the right place was challenging, but this will improve and be perfected with practice.

I didn't complete my bracelet during class, but once I have it finalized I'll post a picture of it here. You can see a picture of Jeanette's bracelet at any earlier blog post.

Sunday, while waiting for tires to be installed, I sat in the waiting room and practiced making the Eyptian links. I plan on doing another practice batch later this week. I am determined to master this technique. The end result is a beautiful bracelet.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Accident Fupah Bracelet

I took these pictures with very little time left before I needed to leave for work, so I just couldn't decide which background I liked best. So you get to see the same bracelet twice.

I made this late last night. I had an 'ideas' for the large link. Of course what I had in my head came out in wire a bit different. This link has a lot of possibilities. First to correct what I created. This link should be about an inch or 2 inches wider so it wraps around my wrist a bit. Also, it needs to be formed over a large mandrel to form more of a curvature before I work harden it. Lesson learned. The 'long' links on the sides with the wrapped wire around the center needed to be longer. It would add a bit more appeal and then I could leave out some of the jump rings. Guess who didn't measure. You know what they say 'Measure twice, cut once'. Well that goes for wire as well as wood.

The link has a lot of possibilities. Add some wrapped wire here and there; maybe some seed beads on the wrapped wire; maybe more charms; maybe wrapped wire and over wrap it with small beads on the rim. Oh, or I could add copper or bronze wire as the wrapping to add contrast. The other idea I had was to use the link as a hair clip, just add a chop stick through the end rings to hold the hair in place.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Pendants for Art In The Park

Late last night I finished the drafts for the 3 pendants; bookmarks; or key fobs for the Northern Virginia Sat Sang Society "Art In The Park" event. I have deliberately spaced the wire further apart on the center piece with the leaf. The idea is for each student/Chela to choose the design they like best (hope they like at least one of them - that would be embarrassing). Then their final piece will be hung from a double strand of silk cording. The final piece can then be used as a pendant, or bookmark, or attached to a keyring. Choices, choices, choices, choices.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wire Chandelier Earrings

Saturday I took another class with Jeanette. We learned how to make these wonderful chandelier earrings. This picture is of the practice earrings that are made from copper wire. I have the sterling silver wire ready and waiting for the pair I will wear.
If you look closely at the wire wrapping you will see very small eyes that are worked into the pattern from the same wire as the wrapping. This is just too cool for words. From these tiny eyes I have attached tear drop glass beads that have been wrapped to form a bead cap and then a connection ring which attaches to the tiny eyes.
As I look at this picture I notice the top loops.
need to be tightened up. I unwound them to add the small copper chain to the top. I'll get out my round nose pliers and correct these.
I'm thinking that I will order some Swavoski crystal drops to be added to the sterling silver set I will make. Then they will really sparkle as they swing from my ears. It'll take a few days to get the crystals in from http://www.artbeads.com/. Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture next week.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Double Helix Bracelet

Whew! Finally, I have completed the double helix bracelet that I started last week. This is the class Jeanette taught last Saturday.

Last night I assembled all the components that I had made. I have a few tweaks to make, because it doesn't drape well. Jeanette has let the students know to bring our bracelet to class tomorrow and she will assist us with the final adjustments. I'm really happy with this bracelet and I feel confident that the next one will be perfect. I really need to work on those jump rings and death grips on the tools. With more practice I'll be able to keep from marring the metal.

Tomorrow we are learning to make wire wrapped chandelier earrings. We may have enough time to make them in copper and in sterling silver. As always I'm really looking forward to another class. I've also ordered a rawhide mallot and step wrap pliers. The investment in professional quality tools is worth it and makes is a lot easier to work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camera and Photo Setup

No one told me that along with learning lots of wire techniques that I'd also be learning a lot about taking pictures to be published. I have stressed and stressed over getting decent quality photos. I've used boxes and lights; setup outside and in daylight. But I finally broke down and invested in this white gizmo. I think it's called a photo tent or a photo cloud. I kept putting off the expense because my vendor wanted about $90 for a tiny one. Finally I woke up one morning with EBay on my mind. There I found it. Brand spanking new with shipping and handling included at a buy it now price of less than $20. So it pays (really) to shop around and maybe you'll save $70 bucks like I did. Now I have more money for wire.

I've taken over an unused bathroom, which is next to my studio. I placed the cloud on a chest to bring it up to a workable height. My jewelry goes into the cloud (the front cover comes off and on with Velcro. My camera is on a Walmart tripod (the good tripod has my plein-air painting easel on it) Then I put a bunch of spare lights around it and they all are plugged into an extension cord. I plug it in when in use and make sure it's unplugged when I'm done because things get too hot to leave unattended.

Wire Wrapped Bracelet and Red Quartz Beads

I thought I would publish a picture of my first completed wire wrapped bracelet. This was completed during a class several months ago. I wear it a lot. The wire is sterling silver and it has big chunky 12mm beads and is a lot of fun. Yep! I made the clasp and the charms too. Even the jump rings. I'm getting better with those jump rings. They do like to challenge me.

I need to fix one of the spiral bead caps, because I caught the end on something and it has pulled away from the the spiral. Not a big deal. A pair of pliers and it'll be corrected in 15 seconds.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Homemade Hand Wire Coiler

Now I'm an inventor! I'm sure someone else has already thought of this, but I haven't found it yet. Here I have my clamp and I have inserted a Fiskers hand drill. Now the heavy gauge wire is inserted into the chuck, along with the smaller gauge wire. I use one hand to crank the Fiskers and the other hand to guide the small gauge wire around the heavier gauge wire.

For those that need numbers, I was using 20 gauge and wrapping 24 gauge around it. But these gauges change depending on what the project calls for at the time. This gizmo is very helpful when making a boat load of double helix coils.

Double Helix Practice

Last Sunday I went over to Jeanettes house and she taught me how to make a double helix. Isn't it beautiful? This only took me hours to complete! Not exactly what I would call efficient, but certainly time well spent. Plus, I had a great time in Jeanette's studio. Once I have completed many of these they will all link together with jump rings, a clasp and I will have a beauiful new bracelet.

Tomorrow I will be helping Jeanette with her class. She has 10 students registered to learn this technique. I believe my role will be to assist students with the hand coiler, since there are so many students. I hope I am of value to her and to the class. I'll give you all an update and hopefully a picture of my completed bracelet. I really want a new piece of jewelry to wear to work on Monday.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mary Ann Testagrossa's Wire Wrap Jewelry Blog

I have found a blog that I am really impressed with. Her work is beautiful, so go take a peak. Mary Ann Testagrossa's Wire Wrap Jewelry Blog: My Blog has a Slide Show I really want to figure out how create a slide show like she has on her blog. I'd like to have a variety on my blog. Perhaps pictures of the studio...a clean and tidy studio of course and maybe I'll let you see the normal studio with beads, wire and tools scattered in no particular rhyme or reason.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Egyptian Coiled Bracelet Class with Jeanette

I just opened the Reston Community Center Program Guide http://www.restoncommunitycenter.com/ and Jeanette Blix http://www.jeanetteblix.com/ has scheduled 3 wire working classes for ths fall; earrings and 2 bracelets. I have already taken 2 of these classes, but I plan on enrolling and taking them again. I always have fun in a jewelry class and sometimes I make a new friend. Plus the more I practice the better I will be at these advanced techniques. She is teaching the Egyptian Coil for making a bracelet which I really can use. This past weekend I practiced this techique for a couple of frustrating hours in the studio. I have the coil down, somehow the folding and connecting didn't work out to a beautiful piece of jewelry. I was planning on calling Jeanette to get some advise or to see when she was planning on teaching the Egyptian Coil, but there she is with the class already scheduled. Now I just need to enroll and wait until September 20th.

Here's a picture of Jeanettes bracelet. ------------->

Oh, drat! I just realized I have a calendar conflict on the 20th. I have already committed to participating in the Spiritual outdoor event on that same day. Who knew that this would happen so early in my wire wrapping chapter. Now what?! I'm disappointed that I can't take Jeanette's class, yet very excited about the creative event I'll be participating in.

Great News! I spoke with Jeanette and she is teaching this class in Alexandria. So, I'll call and enroll. This makes me very happy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures for the Slideshow

Amber came to my rescue and showed me how to get a slideshow up and running. She's the best! I still need to put some finishing touches on the slideshow, but for today it's a good start.

Yesterday I received my photo cloud/tent. This qizmo is to help me take better pictures for the web, by enclosing the jewelry in a cloth 'box'. The light shows through the tent and keeps the glare of the lights from reflecting. So I'll experiment this weekend and take some cleaner pictures for the blog and of course for the slideshow.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo Stream Attempt

The keyword in the title is attempt. I am doing my best, which apparently isn't good enough, to create a photo-stream on my blog. The idea is for the pictures I have taken of some of the items I've made will show on the blog, each for a second or two and then the next picture will automatically appear. How cool is that?!

Once I have mastered the technical side, the blog will be have an element that I believe will be visually interesting and maybe even entertaining. All I have been able to create so far is frustration. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe I can ask my friend Amber for her experience. After all, she is now mentioned on my blog so that makes her internationally known.

Amber - plllllllllllllllllease! Would you help me?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Invited to Participate in Creative Spiritual Program

Here’s some very exciting news. An invitation to participate in a special fall program arrived in my e-mail. It will be held outdoors. (I love Mother Nature.) The theme for the program is ‘Fulfilling Your Spiritual Destiny: Aligning Dreams and Action.’ As part of the program the organizers are planning on having jewelry making, collage, music, and other art forms that relate to the theme.

I am thrilled and grateful to be invited to help to plan and participate in this event. I’m excited to meet the other people who will be part of the program. It’s so much fun to see and hear what other people are doing for their creative expression. The day sounds perfect. All surrounded by Mother Nature and the changing colors of autumn in the great outdoors.

I’m waiting for a call back to let me know more of the details and I’ll bet there are meetings planned. There are always meetings. What would we do without meetings? I think they can be viewed as another form of creative expression. Add some humor, refreshments and there’s a party!

Coiled Bracelet Class

Wow! Things are really manifesting and quickly. Jeanette Blix my extra special wire jewelry teacher has asked me to help her during her up and coming coil bracelet class that is being held at the Reston Community Center in August. I was going to take the class, but she wants to teach me the technique earlier so I can help her with the students. I am honored.

It is helpful to have someone close by when a new technique is being learned. The hands are attempting to do what the ears hear and the eyes see, and of course Jeanette is excellent not only with her verbal instructions, but with her demonstrations. But, sometimes, at least for me, it can be a lot to take in and have the hands coordinate. I can’t wait to learn to do this bracelet and then to help others to make it.

Here is a picture of Jeanette’s bracelet that she made. You can see more of her amazing work at http://www.jeanetteblix.com/.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pot Painting Party

This past Sunday a group of us fun seekers got together in the Artyzen Studio and had a great time painting terra cotta pots. This is not my forte' and I won't be listing my painted pots on Etsy. At least not in the near future. However, the ladies in our group are absolutely fantastic and creative. I can certainly learn a few things from these gifted and talented friends. I am being very, very brave and posting the picture of my 'work of art'. Ha! But I can honestly say I think it will benefit 'a lot' by having a flower planted in it. Perhaps something that hangs down the sides? I better get back to jewelry where I belong!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finished Pendants

This wire spiral technique took about a dozen drafts for me to finally be happy with the result. The wire spirals 'down' from the top and wraps around 4 mult-colored beads of different sizes. It's hanging from a shiney silver cloth cord.
As I promised during an earlier post I have finished this herringbone earring and pendant set. The beads are rose colored rondells that were left over from a wire working class I took with my favorite and very talented teacher Jeanette Blix. Her web-site has lots of eye candy http://www.jeanetteblix.com/

Fun Face Bead

Face it! (Did you groan?) This is a darling pendant. There is something curious about a face on a bead. It has been wrapped with a herringbone wire weave and hangs from a black silk ribbon. I can't wait to wear this one. Maybe tomorrow on a black tee shirt.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Book Suggestion for Learning Wire Work

Bead on a Wire
by Sharilyn Miller is my favorite wire book. I love looking at her designs. She is an exceptional teacher and writer. Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow. She offers suggestions on which tools to use, wire and their different charateristics. Her turtorials are specific and have step by step pictures from start to end. The only thing you will need is patience and a desire to learn. I have the desire, but sometimes my patience runs thin, but that's not a reflection of Sharilyn Miller, that's all me.

Herringbone Wire Wrap

Last evening I escaped to the workshop/studio and practiced the herringbone wire wrap. After a few disappointments I finally got the hang of it. Keeping the wire tight while moving it around the bead is the secret to having wire that ends up tight and straight. My first attempts left me frustrated because the wire was wavy and lose. This was just not the look I was going for and it certainly didn't look professional. Finally, a pair of herringbone wire wrapped earrings have emerged with black round gems in the center. Mine! All mine! I then went ahead and made a pair that I will list on Etsy. Now that I have the hang of this technique I'll make a matching bracelet and a pendant and yes, of course I'll make a set for the Artyzen Studio store at Etsy.

Now what to do with all those misfits that aren't presentable....I guess it's time to clip the wire off into the trash (sad) and put those lovely beads back to use again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Banner and Pictures

The weekend didn't run quite the way I had planned. Instead of getting some new creations finished to list at artyzenstudio.etsy.com my time was spent overseeing the workers that were removing the huge tree stump out front. A few weeks ago a large tree needed to be removed before it removed itself. To my surprise the tree crew returned on a Sunday morning to grind the tree stump. My neighbors love me!

Today I learned how to link the pictures of my Etsy listings to this blog. I feel so technical. But, as anyone can tell you, that is not the case.

I had a lot of success with www.bannerbee.etsy.com We worked together to get my Etsy banner finished. I love it! Go take a peek if you have time at www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The studio now accepts PayPal

PayPal—eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!
PayPal—eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!
 Visa Mastercard Discover American Express eCheck

Etsy Shoppe is Open

I have recently listed 3 items on Etsy. It is a beginning. This weekend I'll be putting the finishing touches on the next listings. Then I'll be in the photo lab taking their pictures. You would laugh if you saw 'the photo lab'. I have transformed an unused bathroom. The display and photo area rest on top of a small chest of drawers. The tri-pod is in front of that, and just enough room for me. I don't know if I can stand the glamour of it all - ha!

So check out http://www.etsy.com/ and of course my little shoppe at http://www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com/

Oh, and enjoy the 4th of July!